turtle time game

Personal Project, Summer 2016


Casually enjoy the downtimes in your day by running your own Turtle Cafe. Discover new turtles in the community and earn their restaurant loyalty and money by giving them an amazing cafe experience. Serve food, earn money, expand your menu, and re-decorate your cafe to make it your own.

After we decided on game mechanics and actions, I developed a flow chart for how the user can move through menus and interact with the cafe and turtles in game.

Initial Menu Concepts

I explored ideas for how the player could access turtle profile information, feed turtles, and explore their food menu and purchase new menu items.

Menu Improvements

After creating a paper prototype of menu navigation, I made an Invision Prototype and had players test certain tasks, such as purchasing a new food item for the cafe menu.

With their feedback, I improved the purchasing menu to more clearly indicate categories within the bucket of purchasable items, as well as the Buy action button, which initially confused players.

UI Assets

I developed higher-fidelity user interface art, mimicking chalkboards found in hip cafes.

Pastry Concepts

I explored different foods that could be offered in the cafe, from croissant to mille-feuille.