Travelsee Startup - Lead Designer

October 2015 - Today

I am currently Lead Designer for Travelsee, a startup creating a product to help cultural institutions better understand their audience and increase revenue through data visualization and analysis. Along with user experience for the product, I work on branding and general promotional materials.


My vision for the brand followed this statement: Travelsee's logo should embody the company's technological reliability and commitment to society's often over-looked historic and creative sectors.


With suggestions from the team, I initially explored a constellation-style logo, which would symbolize guidance.

However, this imagery is difficult to distinguish from chemistry symbols, as well as logos of other data viz companies. I opted instead for a play on wings and the letter T.

My final design is an easily recognizable logo using blue, a color commonly associated with trustworthiness. The sharp forms instill professionalism, and the bright colors a contemporary playfulness.

Website - Here

I designed and coded the company website. I used Bootstrap to make it responsive.

I also drew the About section illustrations.

Temple Analytics Competition

We entered the Temple Analytics Competition, where we were tasked with answering: Your challenge is to characterize, quantify and visualize the best opportunities for Pennsylvania Ballet to grow their audience and increase charitable giving.

I created visualizations of the ballet's ticket sales using Tableau, and I designed the text organization. The full page can be found here.