Location, Location, Location

An Analysis and Visualization of Pennsylvania Ballet Ticket Sales

Kwasi Agyemang • agyek54@suny.oneonta.edu • The Cooperstown Graduate Program
Christine Geeng • cg447@cornell.edu • Cornell University

Goal: Using analysis of the role of geographical and seating locations in Pennsylvania Ballet’s ticket sales, determine who is the best audience for Pennsylvania Ballet.
Pennsylvania Ballet strives to maintain and nurture a financially sound ballet company that presents the finest in artistry and performance to the widest possible audience.

Pennsylvania consistently generates the highest total ticket revenue.

However, some out-of-state audiences have a unique preference for performances as computed by highest median revenue:

Where Is the Audience Coming From?

Total Ticket Revenue By Performances

International data was marginal and has been excluded. Not normalized for the two different theaters.

Where Is the Best Spot In The Theater?

Total Ticket Revenue By Seating Locations

Data labeled “Curtain Pass” and “General Admission” was excluded. “Orchestra” was combined with “Parquet”.

Mining the ticket sales tells us: Revenue generated as of May 2015:


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