recent works

Fidelity UXD Internship

UX Design


I was UX designer for the summer intern project website. My main role was to map the information architecture and make low fidelity mockups.

Maintenance App

UX Design

This app is a mobile redesign of Cornell University's maintenance request form. My main role was doing user research, testing prototypes, and analyzing changes for the next iteration.

Latte Printer

Product Design, Hardware

I designed and built prototypes for a printer that draws with spice over food.

Measureless Website

Web Design, Development

I spearheaded UX and visual design, and I coded CSS from scratch for the Measureless acapella group website.

Travelsee Startup

Graphic Design, Front-End Development

I work on branding, as well as developing the company website and product.

Water Circuits Game

Game Design and Development


I developed a game to teach novice concepts about electronics.

Dodgeball Damnation Game

Game, UX Design


I was lead designer, creating UI and art assets. I also worked on game controls, level design, and playtesting to ensure good difficulty progression.

Turtle Time Game

Game, UX Design


I was the project manager and UX designer, developing atmosphere, mechanics, user flow, and UI assets.

Dawn of Midgard MMO

Front-End Dev, Graphic Design


I developed the website and created assets for the forums and the game.

Lightmare Game

Game Design, UX Design

I was lead designer for a puzzle game. I created character, environment, and tutorial assets. I also worked on level design and improving player learning.

Intro to Digital Media

Graphic Design

I mixed graphic design and art to create media satirizing contemporary culture while embracing contemporary anxieties.